Project: Simplifying systems to allow a business to grow

Brian Duffy was an acclaimed celebrity photographer whose thousands of pictures of rock and roll and cinematic royalty include iconic images of David Bowie, John Lennon, Michael Caine and a host of others, all recognised the world over. Today, the Duffy Archive is run by Brian’s son, Chris, who came to us with a problem: they were struggling to keep track of thousands of prints in the image archive.

We began by looking at their existing spreadsheets, to pin down everything that they needed to track. We then we produced a Claris FileMaker software management system covering prints, products, sales, loans and licensing across print and digital media.

It’s continued to evolve and today, the Duffy Archive runs all of its operations using our system. Records are simple to access, create and keep up-to-date. It has saved the team so much time that they’ve been able to focus on developing other important areas of the business, such as licensing.

“igeek has worked from the ground up to successfully transform our business, migrating the Duffy Archive from Excel based spreadsheets to a relational database improving our efficiency and workflow.”

Chris Duffy
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