Project: Workforce management system for civil engineering and construction company.

We created a FileMaker workforce management system, handling screening, training, timesheets, billing and payroll. In fact, most of the things that had been giving them a headache. Today, our system has become pretty pivotal to their business and saves tons of time they’d previously spent just trying to keep track of everyone working on each project.

Perhaps most impressively, what started as a one-man-band has given rise to a multi-million pound business, thanks to a centralised system that covers so many of the things they need to track.

“igeek always have a good understanding of our requirements and never fail to produce a solution that works for us. They are always available and open to suggestions/feedback and provide all the help and support needed to make the most of our database. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service that they provide for us.”

Wayne Philipps, Hercules.
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