Software for Healthcare Application

Bespoke software for clinicians and healthcare professionals.

  • Save time and increase efficiency
  • Automate reporting and results collation
  • Codify paper-based recording
  • Replace Excel with multiuser systems
  • Use iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones
  • Desktop, laptop and iOS

You'll own the Intellectual Property of any system we create; this allows resale, reuse and redistribution as you require.

Clinical software applications on iPad and iPhone, Mac & PC

Bespoke Healthcare App

Unlike traditional IT projects, benefit from swift development and hand-tailored code to keep costs low and application on target.

Bespoke software for your organisation could help you with:

Medical Software for Clinicians, Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Clinical software written for your organisation will speed up data entry and collation and reduce the need for data duplication and double entry.

Plus, with increased pressure to present results to Trusts’ management and central government, collation of figures easily becomes simple and lightning fast.

By replacing paper or Excel-based systems, you can increase efficiency in your organisation and save valuable clinical time.

References from qualified medical personnel are available on request. igeek have worked with the Derby Royal Hospital Trust, Bristol Children’s Hospital, Taunton NHS Trust, Sirona Care and Health, and physicians in private & public sectors, plus several secondary and tertiary medical organisations.

The FileMaker solution is releasing our staff from paperwork requirements whilst meeting NHS guidelines on surgery data. Patients are now able to complete forms themselves and we're building data that is reliable and accessible. We're now looking at how we can further expand the FileMaker solution into other areas of the hospital so that any department can digitally complete its paperwork.

Chris Bainbridge, consultant at the Pulvertaft Hand Centre