How We Work - Claris FileMaker Clients

igeek work with every customer in the context of an individual relationship. This means we listen carefully to you to understand your needs and commit to keep you informed and updated as each project progresses. But we are also aware of the need for up-front clarity in everything we do. Therefore this document provides an overview in advance of the way in which we will work together and looks to answer some of your likely questions.


Charges and the Estimate Range

We charge for our time for all work regardless of whether it is for project development, creation of new features, amends to existing code, errors or correction of misinterpretation by either party.

We create an estimate range to give you an idea of the possible costs for the creation of your database as we understand it. However it is neither a guaranteed fixed price nor an agreed budget but rather a suggested range of how long we think the project will take, based upon the information we are given at the time the estimate was written. Due to the fact that the estimate is our approximation of how much we think the system could cost to create, there are several situations which could result in the range being incorrect, resulting in its being breached. Some of these situations are described below:

  • We base the estimate on details you provide - if these are either cursory or incomplete, then the estimate may be breached.
  • Unforeseen complexities and difficulties that appear as the project develops.
  • The project requirements are changed or defined in greater detail after the estimate is created.

For example if we are provided with limited details about a project or there are unexpected difficulties in creating your software, then our estimate, through no fault of our own, will be inaccurate and therefore we will charge for the additional time.

We will update you during our regular communication of how many hours we have completed during a given period so that you can see how much work we have accomplished to date and through this, try to give you an idea of how much work remains.


Payment Terms

In general we will discuss payment options with you, wherever this is applicable.

For projects that take longer than a month, we will bill you monthly for the work that is completed during that month.

Our payment terms are always 30 days from receipt of the invoice. If payment is missed we reserve the right to stop any ongoing work until the payment has cleared.


Intellectual Property

Unlike some other software developers, we give you full intellectual property rights over any code that we write for you. This means that you may change it, resell it, and lease it and so on as you wish. However, we also retain the background intellectual property of the code (this is to protect our code libraries, scripts, graphical elements, design and underlying methodology that underpin your code, which we tend to deploy in multiple projects). We also reserve the right to change, resell and lease any part of the software excluding your data.

You are permitted to alter, resell, lease etc., the background intellectual property of the code only as part of your solution, and you retain full foreground intellectual rights. We will explain this in more detail if required.


Project Completion

Although we will provide help and support once a project is completed, testing is your responsibility. We advise that you undertake full and thorough testing prior to putting your code into operation within your organisation.

We will provide you with a period of support after the project has been completed. This support may take the form of debugging, tweaks and minor alterations of the database. If additional requirements / enhancements are requested during this period of support we reserve the right to charge for such changes.

After this period of ad hoc support, we strongly recommend you take out a maintenance contract with us to cover ongoing tweaks and minor changes that you may deem necessary as your use of the system becomes more fluent.



When you agree to working with us, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this page.