How we do it

What are we like to work with? Well, we…

  • listen. And pay fastidious attention to detail. It’s vital to doing a fantastic job.
  • are straight talkers. No lasers. No mirrors. We tell it like it is.
  • build deep, enduring client partnerships that grow alongside their businesses.
  • believe in a healthy dose of humour. We take our work seriously but not ourselves.

Like the sound of that?
Good. We’re going to get along.

Our process

We call it Nimble. It’s our own take on ‘Agile’ development which has arguably transformed the way software is written and developed around the world. Put simply, Nimble acknowledges that, just as no good business stands still, no good project is static either: things evolve and new possibilities and requirements emerge during the journey. We get excited about that.

We keep a keen eye on the original goal - by working closely with you, we make sure nothing is lost from the original game plan - but new, additional features can add whistles and bells that perhaps no-one had thought of at the outset.

We aim to please:
but we prefer to delight.

The technical bit

We’re FileMaker experts.

We use FileMaker to create software applications and databases that run on Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and iOS. We love its flexibility: it means we can create software solutions that work on almost any desktop computer, laptop, ipad and iPhones, too.

Why FileMaker?

  1. It’s safe: FileMaker uses 256-bit encryption for storing and transferring files. The file itself can be encrypted, too. And for a five star belt and braces approach, we also offer countless configurations for users, privileges and account groups. We know that a good night’s sleep is priceless.
  2. It plays nicely with web browsers: FileMaker can be accessed through Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mac Safari, Microsoft Edge. Got internet access? You can connect, wherever you are.
  3. You can run it from your phone: you can use an iOS phone to record video or audio or to store many other different kinds of data, from signatures to QR codes, directly into your software system. Simple.
  4. It’s easy to integrate: FileMaker works beautifully with REST APIs, JSON functions, cURL options, ODBC/JDBC support, External SQL Sources and SQL integration and many others.
  5. It scales up when you need it: FileMaker can provide support for up to 500 simultaneous users. Anywhere.

It’ll make you more efficient. Save you money.
Speed things up. Simply.

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