The igeek Difference means better business

It's about the best software for the job

Maybe you’re someone who knows that the complexity of your business processes are holding you back. Perhaps you’re an operational manager who can see a better way but needs a hand developing it. Or you’re a business owner who wants to crank things up a gear, without busting your resources or your budget. For most businesses, the right software for the job is essential for smooth and efficient operation of any number of daily tasks. Which industry or trade can run without a spreadsheet app such as Microsoft Excel or Mac OS Numbers. Who can get by without a decent word processor such as Microsoft Word or Mac OS Pages?

General use software like this is essential for any firm but what about software for YOUR business, software that is distinct and specific to how your unique business operates? That's where igeek comes in. We don't create generic apps nor do we produce off-the-shelf solutions and that's simply because that approach is never a solution, it's a stopgap, a temporary fix to tide a business over and it's cheap in the worst sense of the word. At igeek, we use Claris FileMaker to develop bespoke software and databases that fit the very specific requirements of how you run your trade, your business, your organisation.

  1. At igeek we work very hard with the client to get as much information as we can before we produce an estimate.
  2. With the client's help, we work out what the true goals are for any project and these goals are kept in mind at each and every stage of development.
  3. We use Claris FileMaker to write our software because it's highly flexible, allowing easy alteration and revision of your software / database code.
  4. We communicate, with the client, with the client's IT team, and we keep everyone updated as to where the project stands and how it's progressing. Software and database solutions are all about manipulating and transferring data and communication is key to that.
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It's about reducing costs

But doesn't bespoke software mean crazy prices, failed deadlines and endless updates? Well, you can certainly read about that sort of thing in the news because it does happen however, on the main, it's usually when a large organisation fails to have a clear picture of what they're after and what the potential pitfalls are.

It has been said that the worst time to quote for a job is before it starts because the client and the service provider have the least information available to base the job costs on. Any assumption that is made in the early stages, no matter how reasonable, can cause exponential problems down the line simply because if the assumption is wrong, then everything that relates to it is equally wrong. We've all heard the scary stories about how the NHS or the Police service have overspent millions of pounds on a software project which ultimately fails to perform as initially envisioned. And there's a glut of tales of how a building project overran by months, costing two, three, five times as much as was originally quoted.

igeek will make you more efficient...
Save you money...
Speed things up...

The igeek Difference - we communicate

What's it like having igeek work for you? Well, we…

  • listen and pay fastidious attention to detail. It’s vital to doing a fantastic job.
  • are straight talkers. No smoke. No mirrors. We tell it like it is.
  • build deep, enduring client partnerships that grow alongside their businesses.
  • believe in a healthy dose of humour. We take our work seriously but not ourselves.
  • Like the sound of that?
 Good. We’re going to get along.


    So how do we work?

    Where possible we look to create discrete modules of code, representing specific elements of the project and we look to complete each of these, reviewing them with the client as we go, prior to moving on to the next project module. We can't always do this as sometimes certain aspects of the project are so closely linked with other modules that it's hard to see the divisions. However, we work very hard to keep this concept in mind because it's a standard that allows our client to receive completed modules regularly, modules which can be tested and used within the business, allowing for real world feedback and enabling rapid tweaks and quick revisions. Claris FileMaker is quite simply the most ideal platform for this level of rapid, easily deployable flexibility - it's what allows us to create great software that suits your needs.

    Back in the day, a software project would start off as a fully detailed system specification; a document which covered every aspect of the project and how the principal goals were going to be fulfilled. It sounds sensible but in reality that's not how people or businesses work. The issue is that at the start of a project, the client will have an idea of what they're after - it could be fully formed or little more than a few thoughts on how things could be better for their work but regardless of the level of detail, it's still just an idea. The problem is that as the project develops, all manner of issues are raised, issues which were never considered or discussed when the system specification was created. It's like opening many cans of many worms. If you stick to the original plan, without taking into account all of these new concepts, you'll end up with a piece of software that fits the original ideal but not one that is fit for its final purpose.

    So how do we develop software at igeek? How do we keep your vision clear and alive within the project whilst ensuring that all of the unforeseen complications are handled appropriately? We have what you might call a development philosophy which we named 'Nimble' - it's our own take on ‘Agile’ development which has arguably transformed the way software is written and developed around the world. Put simply, Nimble acknowledges that, just as no good business stands still, no good project is static either: things evolve and new possibilities and requirements emerge during the journey. We keep a keen eye on the original goal - by working closely with you, we make sure nothing is lost from the original game plan and understand that new, additional features can add bells and whistles that perhaps no-one had thought of at the outset but that add real value to the final product. We get excited about that - you see, we're equally invested in the journey AND the destination.

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    Whoever you are, the chances are that you’re as obsessive as we are about doing things the best way possible. We love a challenge, whatever the size, from projects that span every aspect of an organisation’s structure: from payroll, to project planning, personnel management to all of the daily tasks and beyond. We don't do temporary fixes, neither do we provide off-the-peg solutions. We offer complete, bespoke, lasting software solutions - it's database software that works in the way you need it to.

    We aim to please but we prefer to delight.


    Where do we work?

    We're based in Weston-super-Mare, near Bristol, in the South West of England. Although we like it here, where we work from is nowhere near as important as where we can work. Almost all of our work is conducted remotely which is usually ideal for everyone and it suits the current Covid climate admirably. We have clients all over the UK, a few in central Europe and one or two are further afield so distance is really not an issue for the kind of project work we conduct. We use video conferencing solutions such as Zoom and remote control apps like TeamViewer to stay in touch with our clients but are happy to meet in person when it suits the needs of the project. Gone are the days when software needed to be written in-house - you certainly don't need us taking up valuable space in your office when we can work just as effectively, if not more so, remotely.


    The technical bit


    We’re certified Claris FileMaker experts.

    We use Claris FileMaker to create software applications and databases that run on Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and iOS. We love its flexibility: it means we can create software solutions that work on almost any desktop computer, laptop, ipad and iPhones, too.

    1. It’s safe: Claris FileMaker uses 256-bit encryption for storing and transferring files. The file itself can be encrypted, too. And for a five star belt and braces approach, we also offer countless configurations for users, privileges and account groups. We know that a good night’s sleep is priceless.
    2. It plays nicely with web browsers: Claris FileMaker can be accessed through Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge. Got internet access? You can connect, wherever you are.
    3. You can run it from your phone: you can use an iOS phone to record video or audio or to store many other different kinds of data, from signatures to QR codes, directly into your software system. Simple.
    4. It’s easy to integrate: Claris FileMaker works beautifully with REST APIs, JSON functions, cURL options, ODBC/JDBC support, External SQL Sources and SQL integration and many others.
    5. It scales up when you need it: Claris FileMaker can provide support for up to 500 simultaneous users. Anywhere.
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    Desktop, iPad, iPhone, in the office or in the cloud - all bases are covered with igeek, THE Software Database Developers for Bristol and the South West,UK and abroad.

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