Premium Partners win Chamber of Commerce award

For a while now, igeek have been a Premium Partner with the Castle & Marlwood Schools in Bristol. The Premium Partners all try and contribute something to the pupils' education and development. This can be by helping individual students, addressing assembly or giving seminars and even training.

The Partners each give what they can - in our case, we talk to the students about IT and how to begin a career if they're that way inclined.

In return all the companies involved get some great networking opportunities and their businesses showcased by the school at events and on the web.

The great news is that the Premium Partners scheme last month won the Chamber of Commerce South West award for the Education and Business Partnership category!

The Chamber of Commerce says:

"This year we are introducing a category that recognises the partnership between education and business in order to develop the talents of our next generation. The award highlights the significance the Chamber Network and businesses place on preparing young people for the world of work."

All of us at igeek would like to congratulate the Premium Partners and its organisers, without whose hard work and input, none of this could have been achieved.

The Premium Partners' organisers will be in London in November to receive the award and to find out who the national winner will this space!

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