iOS apps with FileMaker Go

For most businesses and organisations, the concept of your own app for use on phone or tablet to help your working day is highly desirable. With smart devices so ubiquitous in today’s business world, use of technology is normal - we all have a smart device, why aren’t we using it?

The reality is of course that mobile app development is expensive - certainly beyond the means of most cost-conscious organisations. This has been true, up to a point, but not any longer.

FileMaker Go

FileMaker has always been more than just a database. It has evolved into a highly stable platform on which a myriad of business applications can be built. CRM, stock control, invoicing, time management, purchase order creation, surveying - you name it, FileMaker can be used to build an application that can cover just about any facet of a business’s processes.

And with FileMaker Go, those applications can now run on any iOS device.

The advantage of running a FileMaker Go app over a traditional app is one of cost, due to FileMaker’s relatively cheap development cost. Because so much is done by FileMaker for the developer, applications are quick to write, debug and polish, before release onto the (free) FileMaker Go platform. Even major applications may only involve weeks of development time, rather than the months and even years of traditional iOS development.

Work offline and synchronise, or work live

Any iOS device can be used out of network coverage, taking and collating data, for use standalone, or as a data collection device for a remote database hosted in the cloud or on an internal network. iPad users, for instance, could access a centralised database or application when there’s network coverage by means of synchronisation, and then work offline when necessary, with no data loss.

If working in an environment where there’s omnipresent wifi, the iOS user can be accessing live data. Or the app could be standalone, so all data is fully portable at all times.

FileMaker lends itself to multiple users on multiple platforms. An application can be used simultaneously by iPad and iPhone users, Mac and PC users and even via a web browser. So, ‘Head Office’ could collate and examine data on their PCs, which is harvested by iPhone or iPod operators out ‘in the field’. And FileMaker’s granular approach to privileges allows different user groups to see, edit and delete different parts of the data set, according to what privileges they have been granted.

Mixed media in FileMaker Go

With so much tech built into today’s smart devices, it’s refreshing to learn that the FileMaker Go application can make use of much of it. A user can take photos or even video with their device and this media can be stored in the application. This is perfect for applications that track assets, for example, as users can see pictures taken of the object in question, its condition and its setting.

FileMaker Go can also use the device’s inbuilt camera to scan barcodes to recognise coded objects - perfect for stock control. Plus FileMaker can accept signatures drawn onscreen by users, which makes it useful for acknowledging receipt of goods or deliveries.

FileMaker Go Developers

With FileMaker Go the costs of developing apps for iOS users has fallen significantly. This means that many more organisations can empower their workforce with portable technology that will make a real difference to the way people work.

By using igeek’s development skills, why not use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to use in your organisation - it costs a lot less than you think!

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