Busy, busy, busy

We're busier than we've ever, so I've scheduled a weekly blog update in my diary as it keeps slipping off the to-do list :). At the moment we've got over a dozen projects in progress, which is a record for us, but you can expect to see more here in the coming weeks.

One thing we're waiting for at the moment, is an update on is Zulu, the software that enables FileMaker Server to act as a source for Ical/CalDav so you can subscribe to FileMaker from your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Apple has changed the CalDav specification for IOS5 so new events created in your calendar won't sync correctly at the moment. Seedcode are working on a fix for this, so bear with us.

Finally, we're evaluating a potential new staff member to help us cope with the growing demand - stay tuned for more news!

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