igeek Developer Gains FileMaker 12 & 13 Certification

We believe that training and certification is essential in keeping up with the latest programming and design standards within the world of software and database development. It is for this reason that igeek staff participate in training seminars, courses and take any necessary exams.

FileMaker Certified Developer

Certification within FileMaker requires more than on the job training as with each iteration of FileMaker, new features become available and preferred methods of database design can be altered - sometimes there is no way around just hitting the books and studying!

This year, we our pleased that Jon Fairhead, our Operations Director and one of our Senior FileMaker developers, has enhanced his FileMaker Certification portfolio by passing exams in FileMaker 12 and FileMaker 13.

FileMaker Certification seal

We hope that this goes just some of the way to proving how committed we are at igeek in offering the very best quality of service we can.

If you are interested in FileMaker Certification, you can read more about it here.

FileMaker 13 Certification logo

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