Mac utilities to free up space

We all know the advantages of SSD hard drives over old-style, spinning drives: they’re faster and more resilient to name but two. On the other hand, though, there are questions as to their longevity, plus there’s the size issue.

With a terabyte of an old fashioned disk available for around fifty quid, we were all getting used to having more data storage available than we could eat. You name it, we’d store it: films, music, pictures, home movies - all stored with no problem and at little cost.

However, when we make the transition to SSD, unless we’re spending a fortune, our storage capabilities shrink. The base model MacBook Air and PowerBook only come with 128GB SSD drives. This can be a particular constraint if you are used to keeping all your media on board.

So, if you own such as Mac, you’re going to have to do some serious trimming and perhaps invest in an external or cloud based drive or two.

What can help, though, is stripping away some of the detritus that Apple’s OS installs by default. If you don’t use GarageBand, for instance, why not uninstall it? Apps you don’t use very often can get put to the sword.

There are quite a few GB of data that can be recouped by use of a couple of great little apps:

Monolingual icon







Monolingual is an application that strips out all the language kits installed by default that you don’t use. This author is a British English speaker who may on occasion dip into German, but only once in a blue moon. If the full capabilities of a German OS are required, it’s easier to find a computer with that language still installed and in the meantime, live with the free space that Monolingual can free up.

Onyx icon






OnyX is an amazing app that does all sorts of Mac housework, including, pertinent here, a whole Cleaning section that can delete caches, logs and other bits and pieces to scrape together a few more MB (or even GB).

This author saved 6GB on a soon-to-be-full 256GB SSD HD, running the latest Mavericks. Plenty of room for a few episodes of The Sopranos: mandatory media for this geek!

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