Search Engines Grabbing Focus

Today’s pet bugbear here at igeek: when you’re on a search engine’s home page, and start to type a URL (or search term) into your browser’s address bar, the page grabs your focus - that is, what you’re typing - and without knowing it, you’re typing into the search engine’s search field.

More often than not, this takes a moment or two, so instead of typing into the browser’s address bar, you end up with ‘ww’ in the the address bar and ‘’ in the search engine’s search field! So, useless on every level, not helpful and a major irritation.

All the major search engines are now guilty - Bing, Yahoo! and Google - so if you want a search engine to be your home page, you are in for some major irritation.

Google shifts focus

We all know that we really should be kowtowing, rolling over and giving Google our every typed utterance to save long term bother, but there’s part of us that rebels, dammit. In amongst the geekiness, there’s a rebel that was born to be less mild.

However, there’s one search engine we’ve found which doesn’t steal focus. Have a look at

As it's powered by Dogpile, who aggregate searches from Google, Yahoo! and Yandex, you should get decent results too.

Also, you’re buying into quite a dinosaur. Excite launched in 1995, three years before Google appeared on the scene. In fact, it looks like it's, shall we say, of an era!

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