Review: The Cambridge Audio Minx TV

The Cambridge Audio Minx TV hopes to solve the problem that many flat screen TVs suffer from; that is, tinny speakers giving thin, lacklustre sound.

Your TV may have the best image quality in the world: sharp colours, great contrast, deep blacks and so forth, but its very physical size, its thinness, its (ghastly phrase du jour ahoy!) form factor means that its speakers have to be small, and this creates a near unavoidable drop in quality.

In step a couple of solutions; the plinth, of which the Cambridge Audio Minx TV is one, and the sound bar, with or without additional subwoofer.

Here at Green Towers, the main TV is, by today’s standards, tiny at a measly 32”. Given that most sound bars are much wider than that, plus the addition of a subwoofer would have presented problems with finding somewhere to put it, we opted for the plinth in the form of the £200 Minx TV.

The Cambridge Audio Minx TV front view

Sound is great, with a full range of frequencies well presented. Bass isn’t overplayed, nor is the high end too vibrant. There are four EQ presets, most of which are usable (avoid the Voice option) and offer a subtle change in nuance depending on the material being viewed.

There are two smaller speakers and a larger sub mounted pointing down from the plinth. These all perform well, even at neighbour-annoying volumes and really make you wonder how you put up with your TV’s built-in speakers for so long.

The Cambridge Audio Minx TV underside view

There’s no display on the Minx TV, rather a single LED that changes colour according to source (optical, bluetooth, analogue 3.5 jack or phono), and flashes when muted. Some might consider the lack of display, present on some of the Minx TV’s competitors, something of a let-down. The flip side is one of subtlety and the device not drawing attention to itself, away from the TV screen. We certainly didn’t miss a display.

The only serious criticism is that of the demote control, which is about the size of half a credit card, and nearly as flimsy. The damned thing is always going missing down the sofa cushions. Plus, in our experience, it doesn’t seem to operate unless pointed nearly directly at the device. Try using it from an angle, at the end of a long sofa for instance, and pretty soon you find yourself stretching across to get volume changes to register with the Minx TV.

Conclusion: 8/10.

Pros: great sound, subtle appearance.

Cons: terrible remote. When you can find it.

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