FileMaker 13 Licensing

With the release of FileMaker 13, there have been some changes to the ways (and prices) you can use FileMaker in terms of its licensing.

FileMaker comes in various forms. For the desktop or laptop (PC or Mac), you’ll need FileMaker Pro, or, if you’re a developer, FileMaker Pro Advanced.

You can purchase these outright at £239 + VAT or £379 + VAT for Pro and Pro Advanced, respectively.

If you need five or more copies of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can enter an annual licensing agreement, and pay £32.50 + VAT or £50 + VAT per month, respectively, for 5 copies.

There’s a handy calculator here to provide you with a tailored quote.

If you need FileMaker Server (see here to see if you do), you can either buy it outright for £720 + VAT, or as part of an annual licensing agreement from £20 +VAT per month.

If all your users are using FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced on their Desktops and Laptops, then you’re done! However, if you want more than one user to use your hosted databases on iOS devices (using free FileMaker Go) or over the web, then you’ll need to add concurrent connection licenses to your copy of Server, in batches of 5.

Concurrent licence costs are £666 + VAT per 5 concurrent connections to buy outright, or £18 +VAT per month per 5 connections.

(There’s no FileMaker Server Advanced any more, fact fans.)

If you need help wading through any of this, please do get in touch.

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