A new igeek joins us

The igeeks would like to offer a very warm welcome to Dr Jonathan Jeffery who has joined our ranks as a certified FileMaker Developer.

Dr Jon is an all-rounder who works in both FileMaker and web code which makes him perfect for a lot of the web and FileMaker integration we do. He can also turn his hand to PHP, MySQL, Perl, HTML, CSS and a whole bunch of other acronyms which really mean that we'll be able to help out a wider range of customers whilst offering a greater choice and more options for developing their business.

Jon brings with him FileMaker 12 certification which ensures that the highest levels of programming standards are upheld.

With a PHD in Vertebrate Palaeontology from the University of Cambridge, Jon has certainly made his intellectual chops. The other igeeks' 25m Swimming Certificates certainly pale into insignificance when showcased alongside!

We've kind of dropped him in at the deep end, setting him to work before he really even knows where the kettle is, but he seems to be getting along nicely…

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