Encryption Buddy

Encryption Buddy for Mac OS is a very cool, easy to use app which encrypts your files with a password and then decrypts them when you need them later. We've only been using it for a few weeks but have found it to be among the easiest, quickest and cheapest on the market. But does all that ease of use and cheapness mean that it's not fit for the job? Nope, not for a moment. Encryption Buddy uses Triple DES aka Triple Data Encryption aka DES3 to secure your precious files which means that your data is encrypted 3 times - more than enough for personal and most business use.


Obviously you can set a password for the file / folder you're encrypting (not much use if you couldn't) and you can provide a password hint should you require one. A nice touch is that Encryption Buddy can also preserve the previously used password which is great for making lots of encrypted files using the same password (you can disable this feature of course).

If you're sharing files then all parties will need a copy of the Encryption Buddy software but be warned! If you lose your password, there really is no way to retrieve your data - encrypted means encrypted, no back doors, no master passwords and no way to get at your files, which is exactly what you should be after.

How To Use It

Encrypting / decrypting files simply cannot get any easier; you just drag the file / folder you wish to encrypt / decrypt onto the Encryption buddy app and you'll be presented with a small dialogue window allowing you to enter the password and….that's it. Nothing complicated just rapid delivery of files. This fire and forget approach is great if you rarely need to work with encrypted data as there's no learning curve whatsoever so nothing to remember and nothing to forget.

I've included 2 screenshots here, not because that's all I have space for but because that's pretty much it - just 2 screens, one for dragging files onto and one for providing the password. I told you it was easy to use : )

Encryption Buddy
Encryption Buddy

How To Get It

You can buy Encryption Buddy via the app store : Encryption Buddy App Store

It can also be purchased from the developer's site : Encryption Buddy Homepage


Gotoes provide excellent, rapid support of their product and our emails were answered in a fast and friendly manner, so top marks all round.

Closing Notes

Honestly, if you need to encrypt data, you should be give some serious thought to this seriously simple app.

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