Deja Vu in Development

As we develop more and more FileMaker solutions for our clients, there are certain patterns that emerge; certain things that seem to be the same even given a wide range of client types and requirements.

Right across the board, with every client that we've ever worked with, it is the saving in time that a FileMaker system can make that is the most noticeable result.

FileMaker systems can negate the factor of human error that may cause monetary loss for an organisation. That may save a few pounds, for sure. But when the hours saved by a FileMaker system due to gains in efficiency are added up, that's where businesses really start to see the advantages.

Inefficiency, poor working practices and systems that have grown up since the inception of the business: all these are major time drains. And FileMaker business applications go a long way to correcting these issues.

Additionally, many of the systems we write tend to be for businesses at the same stage in their life cycle. Usually, this is when working practices have developed into inefficient ways. These practices are creaking under the strain and are preventing an organisation from growing and expanding as it should.

In the detail of what makes up many systems we develop, there are quite a few things that we see very often right across the board, too. One key aspect of most FileMaker solutions is the requirement for a CRM, or customer relationship management system. Lists of clients, suppliers, contacts, prospects and so forth - these form the bedrock of many systems.

The ability for a FileMaker system to send emails is a common requirement. As is need for the system to create PDF documents, to print or to email.

Most businesses also need to send out invoices and purchase orders-and this is something that FileMaker does very easily.

FileMaker's underlying structure allow systems to be built piece by piece. Core components can be created and then added to over time, according to need and budget.

What's great for our customers is that because we've written code that encompasses these common requirements many times before, we're never really starting from scratch. This allows us to make major savings in the time spent developing; savings that we can pass on.

The relative ease of developing for a FileMaker platform allows every application to be bespoke at a fraction of the cost of developing, for instance, web applications. FileMaker applications can be built quickly, showcased, tweaked and implemented in relatively short periods of time. And when billed by the hour, that means the development behind the finished application comes out as outstanding value for money too.

Every piece of FileMaker development is different. Yet, there are common threads between them that, with experience, we as developers can identify, capitalise on and pass on as benefits to you, our customers.

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