FileMaker Go - FMP on the move

Amongst the rumours of new phones (a coloured iPhone?), it's easy to forget the many practical uses smartphones can be put to. Our focus once again therefore moves to FileMaker Go. For those of you not in the know, FileMaker Go is the free implementation of FileMaker for iOS.

FileMaker Go, for FileMaker ...on the go

Essentially, you can view, interact with and work on any shared FileMaker database from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If your device is 3G enabled, you can use that network; a wi-fi connection is ideal, of course.

You can't write new databases on FileMaker Go - it's not a development tool - but for day to day interactions, it's perfect. It's one of those applications that will positively benefit from a larger working area, iPhone 5 is good, iPad even better.

Developers (such as iGeek) working on new databases on FileMaker 12 can easily optimise layouts for mobile use - larger buttons, clearer navigation and so forth are all built in to the development environment.

Even if your database is written in an older version of FileMaker, you can still use FileMaker Go - you'll just have to pay for FileMaker Go 11 (version 12 is, as I've mentioned, free).

We use our internal database nearly everyday on our iOS devices; it's incredibly useful when you're not sat at a laptop. Plus we can preview databases to clients out in the field and of course, an increasing number of them want the same ability.

More and more we're seeing people wanting iPad/iPhone instances of their business applications. It really is the new platform of choice that folk expect to use in an increasing number of scenarios. There are so many apps now, people are becoming accustomed to the integration of the tablet or the smartphone into their working lives. By installing FileMaker Go, a business database becomes one of a collection of apps.

With sales of tablets expected to outstrip those of notebooks in the next few years and smartphones increasingly prevalent, FileMaker have given themselves a real head start, establishing the FileMaker platform as a viable player in years to come.

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