6 reasons why we choose FileMaker

When you're looking to create a piece of software, or have a piece of software created for you, there are a bewildering number of choices out there as to what platform might be the best.

There's the issue of whether a cloud solution is best? Or a locally hosted web-based application? Or standalone?

There are always going to be competing demands for your attention; every developer under the sun will be vying for your attention and each one will have their preferred methodology and platform.

So why do we choose FileMaker as our development platform of choice? Here are some reasons:

1. It's ubiquitous. You'll find FileMaker everywhere, in organisations of all sizes from one man bands up to giant multinational organisations. It's used for millions of different things and this is a direct result of its malleability.

2. It's quick to develop on. FileMaker developed solutions have many different features built into them that developers don't need to worry about: layout tools, powerful Find commands, a complex and incisive scripting language and an easily accessed development platform. Solutions can be produced quickly when compared to other platforms, lowering the price for the end user.

3. It's easily deployed. You can share a FileMaker database from a single client and it's easily able to share with a handful of other users. That makes deployment cheap for small businesses, but easy too - it's just a case of telling FileMaker to share a database. For more demanding uses, FileMaker Server is simplicity itself to set up and cheap to deploy.

4. It's easy to customise any FileMaker application. With a modicum of training, end users can adapt and change the way their software looks, feels and even works. Unless locked down deliberately, the development side of FileMaker is never far from the surface; it's easy too.

5. It's portable. FileMaker databases are single files, transferrable from one environment to another. And with FileMaker 12, files attached to a database are saved separately, making segmented backups easy to implement.

6. It's portable (again!). FileMaker Go is the free implementation of FileMaker that allows any iOS user (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) to access their databases on the move. The differences between FileMaker Go and FileMaker from the point of view of the the day to day user are negligible.

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