What computers are meant to be good at!

A lot of the database development work we do is designed to make life easier in the workplace.

A good rule of thumb is that if it's repetitive or time consuming, the chances are a computer could do it better than you!

Having technology take over the every day running of a business allows its owners to get on with doing what's actually important; that is, running the show, making decisions, being the driving force: being business people, essentially!

The last thing a business owner or manager needs to be doing all day is be sat in the back office, doing admin. A bespoke database can help them be generally more productive.

Here at igeek, we've made all sorts of business applications for all sorts of businesses. The chances are, whatever the requirements might be, we'll have made something similar in the past. Because we've written lots of systems, we rarely work from scratch - which saves time and therefore money.

igeek create systems that handle some or all of: invoicing, production, stock control, marketing, customer relations and so forth. In short, there probably isn't part of most businesses that in some way can't be improved by a bespoke application.

And of course, many aspects of a business can be controlled from one place: invoicing can affect stock, which can affect production and so on, down the line. A single action can have repercussions right across a business and a custom application can help control all of this.

Let's not forget the web, too. Here at igeek we've integrated companies' websites with their in-house databases quite successfully, allowing, for instance, purchases from an online shop to adjust stock levels automatically.

Custom business databases are designed to make life simpler. It's what computers are, after all, meant to be good at!

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