FileMaker and web database integration

One thing we're asked to do a lot of here at igeek is to make FileMaker talk to websites.

Or rather, specifically, talk to the databases that often sit behind today's websites. Typically these are of the flavours MySQL or Microsoft SQL (apologies for going all technical for a moment there!)

Talking to other databases is something that FileMaker does very well. Using a technology called ODBC, FileMaker can be used to see, and edit, data held online.

That makes making changes to that data a whole lot easier than using traditional tools such as PHPMyAdmin.

FileMaker isn't out to make itself into a full on GUI (Graphical User Interface) for other databases, but what it's really good at is integrating its own data, held in its own tables, and data held somewhere else, in other databases.

This integration means that a singular view onto collected data sources can be easily achieved. That spells an end to double entry - that is, having to enter data twice (or sometimes more) in separate locations.

There are a lot of FileMaker developers out there, but we don't think anyone has more experience in this field than we do. It's a specialised niche, but as FileMaker becomes more common (especially on iPhones and iPads) it's a type of job we're asked to do more and more.

As FileMaker's on the rise, so too are the instances where it has to integrate with other systems. That's where igeek come in.

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