On all things FileMaker

FileMaker is a great database programme that allows people, especially developers like us, to create fully-fledged business applications.

This means that anything humdrum, run of the mill or repetitive can be done by FileMaker. It's also great at storing data, thus making it perfect for repositories of information like lists of contacts or appointments.

igeek are proud to be members of the FileMaker Business Alliance, which assures all of our customers of a great level of service. And we think at a great price, too!

FileMaker's more widespread than you might think - it turns up in all sorts of nooks and crannies of businesses of all shapes and sizes. One of the things we do is help people upgrade their FileMaker systems so they can take advantage of the application's most recent features, bells and whistles.

And what's becoming increasingly popular, as iPads and iPhones become more common, is working on FileMaker remotely from those devices, using FileMaker Go.

Short of listing all the FileMaker projects we've undertaken (that would be a long, long list), we've contributed to to projects that included an accommodation booking system, content management and publishing systems, CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) and lots of workflow management systems for all sorts of companies and individuals.

In short, we've applied FileMaker all over, and our FileMaker customers are happy customers!

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