FileMaker and iCal Integration

Over the past few months, we've started using Zulu - a software product that turns FileMaker into an iCal server. This is useful as it means you can subscribe to a calendar from your Mac (via iCal), PC (via Sunbird or Evolution), iPhone or iPad (using those devices' built in calendar).

Not only that but you can have multiple calendars, for instance one for Timesheets and one for meetings. That's very useful, as it may be that not everyone in your organisation wants all of the calendars. Zulu is bi-directional too, so events created outside of FileMaker will show up as normal, editable records.

Zulu lets you create alarmed events, as well, just as you can from a desktop calendar client, so you can alert people to a task or event without them having to have the database or calendar open on their device.

We're now running Zulu on our FileMaker Server as well as those clients who have their own, which means we can quickly integrate it with your existing (or new) FileMaker solution.

If you'd like to know more about this, then please get in touch.

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