FileMaker Go's increasing popularity

One of the products we're hearing a lot about here at igeek is FileMaker Go. FileMaker Go is the iPhone and iPad version of FileMaker that allows users to access their databases on the move.

With a wireless or 3G connection, iPhone or iPads can now connect to any business application or database written in FileMaker. And 99% of the time, the database behaves exactly as it does when accessed through FileMaker on a desktop or laptop.

Here at igeek we write databases especially with FileMaker Go in mind, so users get full connectivity and utility from the database. Lately we've written quite a few systems that use iPads as their main input and data viewing device.

And the trend to mobile working via FileMaker Go is increasing. We're seeing an increasing number of companies of all sizes getting interested in the capabilities of FileMaker Go. From the smallest one man band to large multinationals, there's an increase in demand to access databases while on the move.

Of course, it's not just FileMaker data that can be accessed using FileMaker Go. Because FileMaker can read and write to other database varieties, users can access all sorts of databases on their iPhone or iPad.

There's currently no instance of FileMaker Go for Android devices, so currently it's an Apple only playing field. Users of Android phones and tablets will have to therefore look elsewhere.

Our working practices are changing. Increasing numbers of us are working remotely or from home. Technological breakthroughs like FileMaker Go enable us to remain productive wherever we are.

We're all becoming increasingly equipped with smartphone or tablet technology and are wanting to use it in our working lives. So-called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the latest thing in many workplaces, and it's fuelling the demand for FileMaker Go databases.

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