New igeek Website

igeek are please to announce the release of their new website. It's actually been live for a few days now, but we've been ironing out a few bugs and niggles. Now we feel it's really ready to go into the big wide world (big wide world web?).

We partnered with Pete Poland to come up with the design and he worked long and hard to come up with cool lines and a clean feel. He also had to contend with attitudes from his clients (us) ranging from the highly pernickety (the web team) to the somewhat bewildered, "Don't ask me, I'm half blind anyway" (from this author).

One of our concerns during the development process has been one of how the site rendered on mobile devices, as according to our stats, more and more of you are viewing the site on your trusty iPads and iPhones (other mobile devices are available). Our next step is to make the site's graphics Retina-display friendly so that the site will render beautifully on the iPad 3 and the all new Retina MacBook Pro.

The photography and graphics on the site is all original and the copy was produced in-house too. The whole thing is based on our favoured Content Management System CMS Made Simple with JavaScript trickery installed by our web team. They've also made sure that the site renders well on a maximum number of browsers and platforms, and there's even a polite notice to Internet Explorer 6 users that they 'might want to upgrade'. What a considerate bunch we are!

As web designers we have to make sure that our own site represents the best we have to offer as it's a very public brochure showing off our abilities. As well as the look and feel of the site, there's plenty gone in under the surface, with a host of Search Engine Optimisation measures in place, making sure we're visible to Google et al. The site's even been optimised to look great if JavaScript's turned off.

We hope you like our site. We think it reflects us and our ethos and we're proud of it.

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