FileMaker development

FileMaker is a multifunctional database system that has all manner of uses in today's business.

Here at igeek we specialise in developing FileMaker-based systems for our customers.

FileMaker is used as the basis for stock control systems, workflow management systems, CRMs (Customer Relationship Management systems), invoicing and purchase order creation systems, and a whole host more.

If you need a computer to undertake a task, FileMaker can probably be programmed to do it for you. That means that you'll find FileMaker applications in millions of places across the globe. Wherever there's a task better done by a computer than a human, a FileMaker database may just be the answer.

We've written literally scores of FileMaker solutions for our customers and there aren't many scenarios where FileMaker can't make a positive difference. FileMaker's power is in its malleability, its ability to fit into existing systems and its ease of use. Our customers use FileMaker for all sorts of reasons, but all of them have found that their FileMaker solution makes their working life easier.

We create bespoke systems for our clients and each FileMaker database is different. We've written core code that we try to reuse as much as possible - this saves money for our clients - but each system is hand polished to the exact requirements of our clients.

As well as writing systems from scratch, we also upgrade, rewrite or expand existing systems. FileMaker systems are found all over the place, helping people do their every day jobs more efficiently. We're here to help improve and enhance those systems.

igeek are accredited by FileMaker, which means that the work that we do is of the highest quality. Plus our many years of experience in FileMaker development mean that the work that we undertake is the best value for money, too.

Contact us to find out more about FileMaker developers, igeek.

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