Integrating FileMaker with Email part 2

On my last post I talked about sending email from FileMaker using FileMaker's built in 'send Mail' script step, so now I'll cover using 3rd party plugins. So why go the 3rd party route?

There are a few reasons;

i) The built in mail option can only SEND email not receive
ii) It can only send SINGLE attachments
iii) It has limited SMTP security options (although in versions 11/12 it offers new options including TLS).
iv) It can only send Plain Text emails (not HTML)

So, if you need more than that you'll need some extra software. We've used two different products;

  • 360 Works Mail
  • MailIT

  • They're both good reliable products and include sample databases for sending and receiving mail. However they're approaches are quite different - 360Works Mail is by far the easier of the two products to use, in fact you can receive messages with just a couple of script steps. However, MailIT has more features and includes fine-grained control over the process, so if you need do something really clever or have an unusual mail set up, MailIT may be the better option.

    Both also support IMAP, POP & SMTP with SSL security, multi-part attachments & HTML, and support versions 7, 8,9,10,11 & 12 of FileMaker.

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