Web and FileMaker Pro Integration

All too often, different systems don't talk to each other.

The web and the in-house database, for instance. They're often developed separately, by separate people, and the twain shall never meet.

FileMaker is, these days however, pretty good at communicating with websites. So the separation that's always been a fact of life up until now may well be quite easily broken down.

Why is that so useful? Well, imagine an online shop that takes orders over the web. At the same time, there exists, in-house, a database of customers. Wouldn't it be useful if every time someone placed an order online, the in-house database was updated to include the new customer's details?

And to spin that the other way: if a customer phoned up and placed an order over the phone, it would be jolly useful if their details were to be automatically copied from the in-house customer database to the online mailing list.

This integration of databases is something that allows disparate information sources to become a single repository of information. This makes it easier to access and quicker to retrieve the data needed.

There are lots of FileMaker developers out there, but very few of them possess the skills we at igeek do. We're expert at integrating FileMaker with the web. It's a niche ability, but one that we have in spades.

So you can stop thinking about data sources as separate entities and start considering the best uses data can be put to. It's a goals-driven way of looking at things and one we at igeek like to promote.

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