FileMaker 12 - initial impressions

FileMaker 12 has gone visual! FileMaker 12 is a significantly different product from previous versions of the award winning database development software.

At the core of the system, it still offers the same layout facilities, charting, scripting and security, however it has improved on almost every aspect of the application - this is by no means a modest update but instead stands shoulders above previous incarnations.

Visually we get a set of fantastic new graphical tools allowing us to create databases that look much more like websites, making them more intuitive to use and less intimidating for casual users.

There's a new system for storing files in a database that will improve the stability of the database as well as enhancing performance and making the system easier to use : drag and drop files, stream video, render images faster than ever - the list goes on.

In FileMaker 11, charting was always something of a hit or miss, but with FileMaker 12 charting is also improved - users will now be able to see the effect of their data changes appear on a graph immediately and there are new types of chart available to further augment your databases.

The iPad and iPhone haven't been forgotten either. The latest updates are designed to go hand in hand with iOS devices so there really hasn't been a better time to get your database mobile and take advantage of some truly eye catching enhancements to the world's best database development software.

We will be reviewing these new facilities and show you how, through FileMaker 12, they can be used to make tangible improvements to older databases - we'll keep you posted!

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