New website

Now and again, here at iGeek, we like to have a spring clean.

And this year we're getting into spring cleaning mode a little early, with a new website design.

We've enlisted the help of our old friend Pete Poland to help us redesign our website. He's an expert on layout and all things design-centric, so he's ideally placed to give us the best advice.

We'll be going for a cleaner, simpler look than our current site (incidentally, Pete was behind the photography for this site too!), that will be in part inspired by sites such as and (I wonder why the latter sprung to mindā€¦).

We're at the early stages of the work at the moment, but hope to have the new site up and running by the spring. Watch this space, and of course, all the spaces around it too!

*And if you love guitars, There's a comprehensive guide comparing the top electric guitar brands on Beginner Guitar HQ. You can find it here:

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