The Bartender

Here at igeek we're as fond as the next man of a drink. So it was with great pleasure that we've been building a bespoke business application for our client, The Bartender.

The Bartender offer bespoke cocktail services for customers who get, for their money, a bartender, all the ingredients for a number of cocktails, glasses, glacé cherries, olives, even a bar - everything in fact that you might need to give your guests a cocktail-fuelled night out.

Our system helps Lewis, The Bartender's owner with all aspects of his bar bookings including details of his barmen, the glasses cocktails come in, ingredients, the party venue, invoices, time sheets and so forth. Essentially the software takes the trials and tribulations out of the every day running of the business, allowing Lewis to pursue new business and grow.

The best part for us is, as part payment, The Bartender will be providing a bar and barman for the next iGeek party. Hurrah!

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