Elvis killed Jon's Mac

So, RIP, Jon's MacBook Pro. Killed by Elvis.

Jon is one of our crack FileMaker developers. In order to write his lean, logical, bleeding edge code, he needs a computer that's shiny, speedy and ever responsive. His MacBook Pro had developed a dodgy hinge, and had begun to run slowly. The end was clearly nigh.

Then, as if hearing a call for euthanasia, Elvis, the igeek cat, sprang to the rescue. Or rather, sprang into Jon's lap, just as he was taking a slurp of an approved, caffeine-bearing beverage. This knocked said beverage all over the computer, fusing the ALT key and the ] key into permanently pressed positions. The MacBook Pro has now passed into computer afterlife, or The Spares Pile, as it's often known.

Jon now has a shiny new 27" iMac, a computer so big it fills peripheral vision and can actually be seen from orbit. Jon now writes code at 30 paces from his computer. Why? Because he can - the screen's that big.

So, thank you Elvis. With your help, igeek can now create even better databases on brand new equipment. Everyone's a winner. Especially Elvis.

Elvis, the igeek cat

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