Bespoke Software

The market for bespoke software is actually bigger than the market for off-the-shelf software solutions in business. The main reason for this is that most organisations have ingrained into them certain internal processes which either don't need changing, or the company doesn't want to change: "It's just the way we work!"

There are organisations out there who purport to be software development companies which have a significant portion of their income derived from quasi-management consulting, albeit with a technological bent.

These companies have found that, time and time again, they are approached by businesses of all sizes who need software – the touch of technology that will take the bottom line to the next level.

On arrival, the software developer-come-consultant finds that the underlying processes in place are so inefficient that just writing software to fit will do little to remedy what is a series of inherent problems.

Of course, companies who undertake the examination of business processes, as well as software builds, tend to be specialists in particular areas: it would be a brave CEO of a bespoke software company who'd claim to be an expert on every industry!

Here at igeek, we find that we occupy something of a middle ground. We're not people who will write your organisation some software and ignore what might be obvious failings in the way things are done every day. We like to think that we're more conscientious than that!

But conversely, we have accrued some fifty years' experience (between us) of software design, and without exception, that experience has been garnered out "in the field" – amongst organisations like yours.

One of the joys of working here at igeek is the learning process. The thrill of meeting new people, seeing new businesses, charities and organisations; it never pales. The process of "getting inside" an organisation's working is what makes it all worthwhile.

Hopefully, as we learn, we can apply a little objectivity, borne of the years of our experience.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to say, "Have you ever considered doing it this way?”

But it takes a certain type of developer who knows that the way that a successful business works is particular to them. If it ain't broke, we don't try to fix it!

To learn more about how our bespoke software can change your organisation for the better, get in contact today. James or Jon will take your call, and they're the guys who write the code.

Come straight to the horse's mouth: get in contact today.

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