Askborg ChargeCube & USB Car Charger Review

The nice people at Askborg have asked us to review their two newest products, and who are we to refuse? Askborg was founded in 2016 by an ex-Anker employee and focus on providing charging solutions.

The two products they asked us to look at are the;

Askborg USB Car Charger ChargeDrive MFI Certified (24W / 4.8A)
Askborg ChargeCube 10400mAh Powerbank External Battery Charger

Askborg ChargeCube & Car Charger Image

The first thing you notice is the plain (and recyclable) packaging - personally I think that this is a good thing, I don't want my money being wasted on fancy plastics; I just want enough to stop my item being damaged in transit. It's less to throw away, less waste and frankly, a lot easier to open! I hate the kind of packaging that needs a pair of pliers to get into...

The Chargecube

The ChargeCube is a well made product. It feels very solid and has a nice textured finish. A discrete button on one side turns the power on and off and two standard USB ports deliver power using either the 'universal port' (1.0 - 1.5 amps) or via the ChargeCubes special 'SpeedID' port, which recognises what the maximum charging amps the attached device can take and charges at that - in some cases doubling the speed. In my tests the ChargeCube was able to get my iPhone half charged in a couple of hours, so the battery is charging at the same speed as a mains adaptor. I reckon that the battery could fully charge my iPhone at around 6 times over (the capacity of an iPhone battery is around 1500 MAh, compared to 10400 for the charge cube), that's a decent amount and potentially gives you around a week's usage before you'd need the mains again. The cube also comes with a micro-usb cable for charging itself, but this can be reversed to charge a micro-usb device if required.

The USB Car Charger

The Car Charger also feels like a sold product with both the cable and the unit itself being made with a smooth rubberised finish. The charger has a through-port, meaning you can plug another USB device into the top, as well as use the built in Lightning connector - a real benefit. The plug is finished in metal, so should be robust. The cable is a 'ribbon' style and feels tough too. A blue strip under the plug shows you when you've got power, which is a useful addition. In my tests I was able to charge the battery pack and my iPhone at the same time - a definite plus.

Both products are compatible with iphones and Android devices, so if you're in need of charges - these look to be a great buy;

USB Car Charger on Amazon

ChargeCube on Amazon

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