A new igeek

For this blog posting we are pleased to announce the arrival of a new iGeek, Joe Green. We were scratching our heads as to what job title to award to Joe, but he came up with "Technical Account Manager" which seemed to sum up his brief fairly neatly.

So what does a Technical Account Manager actually do? Well, Joe's role is to sit squarely between our technical team - the developers of databases and websites - and our valued customers. Although Joe's background is technical, he's able to converse with normal human beings, like our clients, as well as the techies in the back office. He'll act therefore as a conduit of information and translation between the two camps.

Joe will project manage new work coming into igeek and as he gets up to speed with existing work and clients, he'll also take over some of the running of that too. As a result, all our customers will sooner or later be coming across Joe. He's looking forward to getting to know you all!

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