7 common misconceptions about FileMaker

People often ask questions about FileMaker and some of the time, people have the wrong idea about it. Here are seven of the most common assumptions people make wrongly:

FileMaker doesn't just run on Macs

1. FileMaker is a Mac thing.

FileMaker, since the year 1992, has been cross-platform, available on Windows & Mac (and since, on iOS). In fact, it started out as an MS-DOS application running on PCs alone. Today, FileMaker is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple. That struggling tech giant - y'know…

FileMaker isn't like access

2. FileMaker is like Access.

Access is Microsoft's stab at a database application. Since Access 2013, Microsoft has deprecated Access, cutting features. Microsoft is trying to migrate its Access users to Azure, its cloud platform. FileMaker is still very much in the public realm, with new, more powerful versions released on average every year.

File Maker Pro isn't a hobbyist application

3. FileMaker is a hobbyist's application.

There are millions of businesses of all sizes across the globe that run in their entirety on FileMaker. Billing, invoices, stock control, time management - you name it, FileMaker handles it. In huge organisations such as NHS Trusts, FileMaker can be found running whole departments.

FileMaker 14 is well supported in the UK

4. No-one supports FileMaker.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of FileMaker developers. Most are self-taught one-man-bands. But companies such as the lovely igeek have several developers, all of whom are certified in Filemaker and in igeek's case, have been awarded Platinum status by FileMaker themselves. This means that we uphold the highest standards of development and support.

FileMaker talks to other applications with ease

5. FileMaker can't talk to other systems.

Actually, FileMaker can talk to just about anything. It speaks SQL, can talk to web systems, integrates with Sage, common APIs and anything that can handle an ODBC connection. Wherever your data is held, FileMaker can mine it and push/pull to/from it.

FileMaker's scripting language is powerful

6. FileMaker uses an unusual scripting language.

The FileMaker scripting language is unique, but anyone capable of writing code in a language as simple as Swift 2, for example, will easily understand FileMaker. It's easy, jargon-free and very powerful.

FileMaker is a cheap platform to develop on

7. FileMaker applications are difficult to produce.

Simply not true. The amount of work done by FileMaker for a developer is absolutely extraordinary. Buttons, layouts, finds and searches are all made so easy when compared to 'traditional' languages. Production of a fully bespoke custom app is noticeably cheaper compared to writing the same app in C++, ASP.net or similar.


Whether you have an existing system you'd like updating, or have a list of software requirements you'd like realised, we can help you build the app that will save your organisation time, and therefore money.

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