State of The App Report from FileMaker

It's something we've known for a long time: installing a bespoke piece of software in your business or organisation reaps rewards.

What's to gain? Time, money, revenue, efficiencies, speed of operations, different working models, more flexible working - the list is a long one.

What each organisation gains depends on how it operates and what it does. Some free up business owners' or directors' time to allow them to plan better, market better and generally take a step back into objectivity. Some custom apps save time for those at the coalface - reducing repetition and dull work.

Sometimes installing custom software lets people work differently - out on the road, in the field, at home or from a hotel room.

Read the report by downloading it here, or go to FileMaker's page where you can sign up for a free trial of FileMaker Pro. And if you need professional help with your custom app, you know where to come...

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