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Here's another FileMaker code snippet giveaway.

When creating a new database, it's good to populate it as soon as possible during the build with some data that's roughly like what will end up in the system when it's in use. This helps with all sorts of issues, such as layouts, debugging, testing and so forth.

However, real data isn't often forthcoming when you want it, so you need to create dummy data, quickly. That's just what the code here does: it creates a list, in this case, consisting of Project Title, Project Descriptions and Project Start and Project End dates.

Paste it into your FileMaker data viewer and click refresh. We use it, or variant of it, in an autoenter in a table of empty records all the time.

This code snippet is TweetWare: that is, if you like it, Tweet it: #filemaker @igeekUK

Download it here or copy and paste from below.



// feeder text
§Text =
"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum scelerisque at mauris ac dapibus. Morbi gravida risus nec risus commodo, sit amet convallis massa aliquet. Maecenas eleifend tortor in ex dictum pharetra. Quisque auctor lacinia gravida. Donec eget gravida felis, at dictum urna. Pellentesque lobortis metus auctor mi euismod, sit amet gravida sem sodales. Curabitur aliquet pulvinar felis, nec tristique purus mattis sit amet. Suspendisse potenti. Praesent accumsan fermentum velit et sollicitudin. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Aenean ut ligula sed nibh finibus ullamcorper. Vivamus non tellus at est porttitor condimentum. Donec at turpis egestas, fringilla eros at, tempus odio.

Maecenas justo mauris, feugiat facilisis eleifend sed, molestie ut purus. Vestibulum blandit lacus tempus erat mattis elementum. Mauris a risus sit amet quam commodo tempus. Donec ultrices a felis quis eleifend. In ut commodo massa. Quisque ut porta velit. Maecenas est sem, egestas eget felis vel, ultrices luctus ante. Donec in scelerisque risus. Nam velit ex, ultrices ut nisi quis, gravida sollicitudin urna. Ut ac tellus sapien.

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Morbi mollis ante eros, sed accumsan nunc viverra non. Aenean fermentum, urna in lobortis gravida, arcu massa semper ipsum, auctor sodales leo elit ut diam. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Pellentesque id justo fermentum, feugiat orci at, malesuada arcu. Sed elementum felis sed dolor varius vestibulum. Etiam vulputate elit dolor, at rhoncus dui gravida non. Aliquam ac sapien at diam feugiat aliquam. Cras rutrum quam ut diam blandit, eu rhoncus elit condimentum. Cras blandit ex sem, eget condimentum arcu efficitur ac. Donec tristique sit amet eros quis tempus.

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Ut imperdiet metus interdum lacinia malesuada. Suspendisse potenti. Nulla ac bibendum lacus. Mauris sit amet urna id nulla viverra volutpat vel non neque. Mauris a libero aliquam, dictum sem eu, pretium ipsum. Vivamus id diam placerat.";

// short text — 6 words
§Start = Floor( Random * 494 ) + 1 ;
§RawPick = Substitute( MiddleWords ( §Text ; §Start ; 5 ) ; "." ; "" );

// Make first letter uppercase
§LengthText = Length( §RawPick );
§Title = Upper( Left( §RawPick ; 1 ) ) & Right( §RawPick ; §LengthText - 1 ) ;

// long text — 60 words
§Start = Floor( Random * 440 ) + 1 ;
§RawPick = MiddleWords ( §Text ; §Start ; 50 ) ;

// Make the first letter upper case and the last character a full stop.
§LengthText = Length( §RawPick );
§Description = Upper( Left( §RawPick ; 1 ) ) & Right( §RawPick ; §LengthText - 1 ) & ".";

/* select a UUID from a global UUID list
§Length = ValueCount( $$a01_Organisations ) ;
§Pick = Floor( Random * §Length ) + 1 ;
§UUID = GetValue( $$a01_Organisations ; §Pick ) ;

// two dates
§StartDate = Date( 1 ; 1 ; 2013 ) ;
§EndDate = get(currentdate) ;
§Difference = §EndDate - §StartDate ;

§Add = Floor( Random * ( §Difference + 1 ) ) ;
§Date1 = §StartDate + §Add ;
§Date2 = §Date1 + floor( random * 120 ) ;

result =
§Date1 &¶& §Date2 &¶& §Title &¶& §Description



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