igeeks on the catwalk

It may come as a surprise to our clients, but we at igeek have never considered ourselves to be fashionistas.

Instead, we have always followed our own path of geek-couture: a cross between clothes suiting comfort and clothes suiting comfort still unwashed from three weeks ago.

Armed with this knowledge, I'm sure that you can imagine that pictures from our office Christmas party yesterday were unlikely to ever make it to the pages of Vogue.

However there was one amongst our number who was willing to go to even greater lengths in his attempt to ignore social etiquette and forge a different path, decorated with his own entirely new brand of Xmas ornamentation.

James wore a jumper of such blinding decoration that even Scrooge would have felt a momentary sense of the wonder and togetherness that is Christmas.

James in a jumper that renders him a goit

After the sumptuous feast, James and this author left the restaurant on foot and James, full of Christmas spirit (about a bottle of it), walked unashamedly in his Christmas attire, coat opened wide showing the world his seasonal flair, a vacant yet happy smile upon his face.

At one point, a cyclist called out happily to James, obviously remarking upon his yuletide sweater, to which James beamed all the more and said "You see? My fans are legion!"

I pondered this for a moment, wondering that perhaps I should divest myself of my humdrum shirt and put on something that glows with festive cheer; maybe something both joyful and triumphant.

If I could shirk off my shirt, perhaps it would rid me of the last vestiges of my woefully limited fashion sense, inoculating me against both banal clothing and a mundane existence.

Maybe then, just maybe, I could be happy like the sprightly fool walking beside me.

But then I took another look and realised that he looked like a complete goit.

I lowered my head and pretended that I wasn't with him, secretly happy that his glowing attire was lighting the pavement in front of me in the vanishing daylight and wishing that I had brought a jumper rather than a short sleeved shirt as my chestnuts were chilling.

Merry Christmas to one and all!

James in a jumper that burns the eyes

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