FileMaker User Group for Bristol and the South West

If you need advice about databases, office software, developing apps, sharing data, automating procedures and database software, a FileMaker User Group is an excellent place to start.

FileMaker User Groups are an easy way to meet with other FileMaker developers with a view to discuss ideas, make business contacts and to exchange information and advice about working with FileMaker products. Although there are many FileMaker User Groups around the country, they are not provided as a service by FileMaker but rather by FileMaker professionals and enthusiasts who do not have a direct connection with FileMaker other than through its products.

igeek is happy to help organise these events once every two months for Bristol and the South West. We tend to meet at The Fox & Goose Inn where we hire a private meeting room and welcome anyone who has an interest in FileMaker and would either like to offer help for other FileMaker developers / users or would like to discuss any issues they might be having developing their own database.

If you are interested in moving away from spreadsheets and / or making use of an alternative to off-the-shelf software, please feel free to call Martin on 07940 514351 or email and you can discuss attending one of our informal meetings. We look forward to seeing you!

FileMaker is Apple's equivalent to Microsoft MS Access - it works on Macs, iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones and also on Windows OS and in most web browsers. It can be used as a standalone app, remotely, in the cloud and hosted on a server.

Our upcoming FMUG events are held at the Fox & Goose Inn A38, Brent Knoll, TA9 4HH :

  • 13th Jan 2020
  • 9th Mar 2020
  • 11th May 2020
  • 13th July 2020
  • 14th Sept 2020
  • 9th Nov 2020