Claris restricts Google Adwords

Claris are changing their Google Ads

Claris is actively running campaigns to increase awareness of their brand and products in relation to software development. As a part of that objective, they are changing their management of Google keywords and modifying how their trademark terms can be used on Google Ads. This is to ensure that they are not competing with their Partners and that their Partners are not competing with them by targeting the same keywords.

Starting May 15, 2021, Claris will be limiting some of the terms that Partners will be able to use. Claris will also limit the terms that they bid on, so Partners can run targeted Google ad campaigns to promote their services without Claris competition. Below is the updated Claris Google trademark use guidelines.

  • Only active Claris Partners in good standing will have the ability to be added to the Claris Google trademark approved to use list.
  • Claris will be the only entity authorised to bid on these specific brand keywords: Claris, Claris FileMaker, Claris FileMaker Pro, Claris FileMaker 19, Claris Connect, FileMaker, FileMaker Pro, FileMaker 19, Claris FileMaker download, FileMaker download, FileMaker Pro download, FileMaker 19 download. Fortunately, the term software development is outside of their control for Trademark purposes!
  • Claris Partners will be permitted to promote their services on Google by running and bidding on other relevant terms — such as FileMaker consulting, FileMaker help, FileMaker support, FileMaker hosting, etc.
  • Partner ads must follow Claris trademark guidelines here.
  • Partners will need to submit their ad copy for review to verify that Claris trademark guidelines are followed, and to confirm which keyword terms they are bidding on.
  • Additional information is available here.

Note: If you are already approved to use Claris brand terms on Google, you do not need to resubmit a new request. However, you will need to submit your ad copy to Claris for trademark usage review and to confirm you are not bidding on the Claris only terms in the second bullet. Software Development is a strong area for growth and companies such as Claris will fiercely defend their trademarks.

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