The Perfect Office

This weekend I spent some time re-vamping my home workspaces. I've always cared about how my work environment looks, whether it's at home or in an office. We tend to spend a fair bit of time there, isn't it worth making them nice places to be? I've been working at home for around a decade now so I’ve had quite a lot of time to get it right.

Whether you work on the kitchen or have converted your spare room, as I have, spend some time to make it a nice place to be. Here are my top ten tips for a better workplace;

  • 1. Desk : Get something that’s built for the job! I use an Ikea standing desk so I can switch from sitting to standing with the twist of handle.
  • 2. Chair : I spent years buying cheap chairs and then throwing them away every 2 years, until I saved up and bought a Herman Miller Aeron, which I’ve now had for 13 years :) V. Expensive but worth every penny!
  • 3. Wifi is fine for browsing the web, but for real work get ethernet (a wire!). Your zoom calls will be clearer, no more dropped connections, and you’ll get more done. Do it! You can thank me later.
  • 4. Desk Mats : Worthwhile because they’re easy to clean, more comfortable to rest your arms on and the whole thing’s a giant mousemat, what’s not to like?
  • 5. Microphone : Yes, your webcam has a built in Mic, but it’s probably cheap and nasty. Buy a proper external microphone and make yourself heard. The silver one on my desk is a Samsung Meteor.
  • 6. Pictures : Put some up! Find something personal - nearly all of mine are photos taken by friends.
  • 7. Plants : Again, a small detail - but cheap to buy and make your office a nice place to be.
  • 8. Speakers : Like the Mic, buying external speakers means you can hear people better on a call, and hear better music when you’re not.
  • 9. Cables : Tidy, bundle , wrap. You can buy cable wraps online and bundle your cables up and out of the way, or use cable ties - just don’t leave them dangling everywhere!
  • 10. Paperwork : Get an in-tray and keep your paper under control, who wants to hunt for their keyboard under a pile of filing?
  • A final free tip is…lighting! Natural lighting is simply essential so make sure you have plenty of it, either via a good sized window or through natural white, energy saver bulbs. Just make sure that you don’t get any glare on your screen or devices. If you can alter the brightness of your artificial lights, so much the better.

Good luck!

”From the literature reviews, it is very clear that indoor environments in an office has a great influence on employees‘ attitudes, behaviours, satisfaction and works performance”. Link.

James and Jon have a combined experience of over 40 years working with FileMaker across a variety of business markets. Healthcare, stock control, security, marketing, online sales, media - you name it, we’ve been there and we could be there for you too. So why not contact us and we could help you realise your dream of making your working life more productive, more profitable and just that little bit easier.

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