FileMaker Command - Get(LastExternalErrorDetail)

Igeek take a look at this FileMaker database command.

Returns text about errors external to the FileMaker Platform that are returned by Get(LastError).

Get ( LastExternalErrorDetail )


Data type returned 

Originated in version 
6.0 or earlier

• For ODBC imports and Execute SQL script steps, returns a detailed ODBC error message.

• For working with ODBC data sources in the relationships graph, returns the readable error string that is generated by the ODBC driver.

• For actions that attempt to connect to a host securely, returns an SSL certificate error message.

• For external script steps, returns an error message if it is specified by the plug-in.

• For operations that use cURL options, returns a message from the cURL library or a response code from the server. See Supported cURL options.

• For operations that attempt to lock records already in use, returns the name and account of the user currently editing the record.

• For plug-ins that fail to install or load, returns an error message.

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