FileMaker Command - Get(DocumentsPathListing)

Igeek take a look at this FileMaker database command.

Returns a list of all files and folders in the Documents folder returned by the Get(DocumentsPath) function.

Get ( DocumentsPathListing )


Data type returned 

Originated in version 

Each pathname in the Documents folder is listed separated by a line break. Files and folders are named according to FileMaker Pro naming conventions.

Use Get(DocumentsPathListing) with the Import Records script step and Export Records script step to determine if a file exists in the Documents folder before using the Open File script step to open the file. Get(DocumentsPathListing) ensures that multiple scripts can safely read from and write to the same FileMaker Pro database.

•In FileMaker WebDirect, the FileMaker Data API, and Custom Web Publishing, this function is not supported and returns an empty string.

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