FileMaker Command - Get(CurrentHostTimestamp)

Igeek take a look at this FileMaker database command.

Returns the host's current date and time (to the nearest second) according to the system clock.

Get ( CurrentHostTimestamp )


Data type returned 

Originated in version 

The data type of a calculation result determines how the returned value of this function is represented.

•The client machine and host machine may be in different times zones so Get(CurrentHostTimestamp) and Get(CurrentTimestamp) may return different date/time values. Also, the current date and time are characteristics of the host system, but the format of the date and time is a characteristic of the database file.

•In FileMaker Cloud products, this function returns the date and time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). If you want the date and time in the host’s local time zone, you must adjust the value returned by this function by the difference between UTC and the host’s time zone.

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