FileMaker Command - Get(ConnectionState)

Igeek take a look at this FileMaker database command.

Returns a number representing the security state of the network connection for the current file.

Get ( ConnectionState )


Data type returned 

Originated in version 

Secure connections are encrypted using SSL. If security is important in your environment, your server administrator needs to install a custom SSL certificate.


•0 for no network connection for the current file.

•1 for a connection that is not encrypted (to FileMaker Server with SSL disabled, or to a FileMaker Pro host).

•2 for a connection that is encrypted but for which the SSL certificate cannot be verified. You may be connected to a server pretending to be your actual destination, which could put your confidential information at risk.

•3 for a connection that is encrypted with a verified SSL certificate.

•Get(ConnectionState) is intended for FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go client connections. If a script is run via FileMaker WebDirect, the FileMaker Data API, Custom Web Publishing, or a server-side script, there may be no network connection to verify. In this case, this function returns only 1 or 2.

•For FileMaker WebDirect, this function does not reflect the state of the connection between the web browser and FileMaker Server or the FileMaker Cloud product. Instead, the web browser verifies and displays the state of its connection.

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