FileMaker Command - Get(ActivePortalRowNumber)

Igeek take a look at this FileMaker database command.

Returns a number representing the portal row that has the focus.

Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber )


Data type returned 

Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier

When no portal row contains the focus, this function returns 0. If there are multiple windows open in the current file, each window can have its own portal row number value, but results are returned for only the foreground window. If a user navigates to a portal without selecting a specific portal row and without making an object active within a specific portal row, Get(ActivePortalRowNumber) returns row 0 rather than row 1.

•If a field on a layout is defined as Get(ActivePortalRowNumber), the window must be refreshed before the field will display the current portal row number.

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