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It’s really very simple.

People work with us because they want their business systems to be streamlined, secure and straightforward.

If you run a business, you’ll likely know of the areas where you could do better, where your business processes could be changed to enhance efficiency and where some of the drudgery should be taken out of antiquated methods - but knowing where these areas are and how to tackle them are two very different things – that’s where we come in.

Igeek will work with you to look for ways to improve how your business runs, to make it more efficient and to automate tasks that can be handled with greater speed and security using the right software.

At igeek, we use Claris FileMaker to create, develop and maintain software that's written just for you and your unique business. Sure, there may be plenty of other business concerns offering a similar service, maybe even exactly the same service but although what they do might be the same, how the do it will be very different. That's why you can't expect to buy an off-the-rail software package and expect it to work as you need it. Why bother with a generic software solution that only solves some of the problems? Why not have software written just for your business, with your input into how it gets created?

The right tool for the job can make the difference between success and failure – doesn’t your business deserve the igeek difference?

We're talking about bespoke software that's designed for how you do things along with a clear idea of how your work can be improved and how life can be made easier for your staff. Whether you utilise Windows PCs, Apple Macs, iPads or iPhones, if you’re a one man band or have offices all over the country, if you need a stock inventory system or a bespoke iPad app – igeek can help.

  • If you’ve been saddled with a project and perhaps find software a little bewildering and not all that exciting, why not talk to us? We’ll get our heads round your problem and help you realise your goals.
  • Have you got an ageing Claris FileMaker database that's producing lacklustre results which are ten years behind what you truly need? Igeek will freshen that database or create an entirely new system that works the way you want it.
  • Does your system run off an old computer that's stuck in the corner of your office? Do you want to use cloud-based servers that have outstanding reliability? We can offer this and more - igeek and Claris FileMaker; the solution to your software problems.

We work with Claris FileMaker because the possibilities are endless: it’s fantastic for the creation and support of almost any business database solution. We've used it to help countless businesses over more than twenty years, both nationally and internationally. From one-man-bands who want to get the donkeywork off their desks to global corporations that need streamlined operational efficiency for hundreds of users at a time. Whatever the challenge, the chances are we’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

Conveyancing, stock control, ordering systems, website integration, iPad apps, payroll, financial reporting, healthcare, delivery systems, mapping, barcode scanning, customer relation systems, course management, security control - we've done it all for businesses all over the UK so the chances are we have real world experience which we can bring to your business.

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Claris FileMaker Certification

We are certified in multiple versions of Claris FileMaker and attend conferences / user groups to keep informed of the latest trends in database software coding - let us be the geeks for you!

Claris FileMaker Server Hosting and Backup Strategy

We are able to advise on the hosting of your file via an offsite / cloud based server and also on the best practices for backing up your database and data external to it.

Claris FileMaker Training and Manual Production

We always provide training in any database solution we provide and can create an instruction manual should you require one - please ask for details.

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igeek Claris FileMaker Software Database Developers for Bristol and the South West,UK and abroad.

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